Our service range is very wide. You can rely on us for the following services:

Transport of passengers

We transport passengers in the most wide sense of the word. This goes from short taxi drives to exclusive transport to your destination.

Airport service - taxi

Airport service is also a possibility. Getting at your destination on time, without having to deal with parking issues for your car at the airport.

Express delivery with delivery vans

Swift, safe and accurate delivery of your goods on destination. Make use of our 24/24h express delivery service. You can at all time request an express assignment, we guarantee an immediate execution of the assignment.

VIP transport

Exclusive transportation in a luxury car.

Minibus 8 + 1

Are you looking for convenient transportation for somewhat larger groups? Our minivan gives place to 8 + 1 full seats.

Wheelchair passenger transport

We treat all our clients as optimum as possible. As a wheelchair patient, we can provide you with all the necessary transportation services.